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posted 2 years ago
We’re remiding you all, to send in your nominations from ANY fandom, from these 5 categories now ONLY in our submissions box.


  • Best Animated Kiss (Limited to Animated TV/Movies)
  • Best Voice Actor (Limited to Animated TV/Movies)  
  • Best Dynamic Duo (Open to all, not necessarily Romantic)
  • Best Mother Figure (Open to all)
  • Not as Much of a Jerk as you Could’ve Been (Open to all)

Nominations will not be accepted any longer after 6th July 2012 (8GMT+ Time), the 6 highest amount of nominations will be placed into the poll, and no more nominations will be received in 2 days!

So send in your submissions now!

ONLY ONE SUBMISSION PER ACCOUNT, PER CATEGORY; no anonymous submissions will be allowed